Our Approach and Impact

Our Approach

Our work of building strong families is done on a housing platform, and is intrinsically linked to the physical transformation of neighborhoods. We believe that families thrive in neighborhoods that are stable and sustainable. We are most successful when revitalization of people and place are concurrent and comprehensive. Working closely with real estate developers, neighborhood leaders, community stakeholders, and residents, we create pathways for both adults and children to achieve family self-sufficiency. Our theory of change is that a dual-generation approach, applied effectively in the delivery of a variety of human service programs where the capacity of children and parents is strengthened together in an intentional manner, is most likely to empower possibilities for families striving to achieve economic mobility and housing independence. Our dual-generational approach to case management, employment, education and health programming ensures an intentional integration of supports and services for children and adults that helps the entire family learn, achieve and succeed together.

Our Impact
Urban Strategies empowers low- and moderate-income families from discrete disinvested neighborhoods to live socioeconomically sufficient lives within a thriving mixed-income community. Using housing and community renewal as a platform for social and economic development, Urban Strategies is accountable for nine results in each of our comprehensive revitalization projects.

  • Result 1: Residents live in safe stable housing that is affordable and well maintained
  • Result 2: Able-bodied adults are working for fair wage (in a job or self-employed)
  • Result 3: Parents and caregivers are engaged in the academic and personal development of their children
  • Result 4: Residents have pathways to be successful in education and workforce preparation
  • Result 5: Residents and community stakeholders have the will and capacity to organize and lead
  • Result 6: Residents have opportunities to focus on and work towards public safety
  • Result 7: Residents have opportunities to focus on and work towards healthier lifestyles
  • Result 8: Residents have opportunities to move into housing and neighborhoods of choice
  • Result 9: Programs have a sustainable implementation approach/framework