Clark Creative Minds Entrepreneurs participate in 7th Ward Festival

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In May 27th and May 28th our youth from Joseph S. Clark High School, Clark Creative Minds (CCM), sold the products from their business ventures at the Treme 7th Ward Festival. The students had sole control over which type of products they sold, the design of their products, and the cost of their products at the festival. Throughout the school year students learned the steps it took to create legitimate businesses, how to determine and plan for the pre-work prior to the festival weekend, and social media marketing among other steps to be successful on festival day. Youth ventures included brownies, fruit, and salads in a jar, screen printed t-shirts, and hand painted art. The students profited nearly half of what they invested into their businesses at the end of the festival weekend and were able to network with local vendors in their fields. The week following the festival, the students and the education staff gathered to discuss successes and challenges of the festival and individual ventures along with future plans for CCM. While half of the youth who participated graduated from Joseph S. Clark High School at the end of the school year, we hope that they’ll participate in the future as leaders in the organization or as board member. For those who will continue at the high school, we anticipate them recruiting their peers who express interest in entrepreneurship next school year for CCM.