End of the Year Celebrations in New Orleans

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We concluded the year with a Family Holiday Event as we did last year and attendance at this year’s event was almost double to last year’s which was largely due to the great increase in the number of residents being on site in comparison to December 2015. There were 76 individuals in attendance which included adults, children, staff and partners. In collaboration with management company, HRI Properties, we were able to provide residents with a very successful event. We provided families with education resources from EnrollNOLA who assisted families in school enrollment in addition to representatives from local schools such as Lycee Francais, Catholic Charities Head Start, Success Preparatory Academy, and Phillis Wheatley Community School. In addition to education resources, we also informed residents about an upcoming workforce training and gave them the opportunity to talk to a Juvenile Reentry Assistance Program (JRAP) representative about legal services.


In addition to closing out the year with our residents we also concluded our partnership with Xavier University’s Public Relations Department for the fall semester. At the beginning of the semester, we were paired with Claudia Lopez who in addition to the assignments for her class, prepared documents for distribution onsite. Some of her tasks included writing a speech, press releases, and a slideshow which illustrated the work that Urban Strategies, Inc. does across the country. The information she gathered was from one on one meetings with the Youth and School Engagement Coordinator along with other Iberville staff members and research about the organization. At the end of the semester, she and her classmates gave presentations on their professional and personal growth along with reflections about their experience with the organization that they were partnered with.