Family Literacy Night at the New Orleans Public Library

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On Thursday, May 5, twenty-two students went to the main branch of New Orleans Public Library. Students participated in grade level appropriate activities such as book scavenger hunts and story time.Pic 4

Although parental involvement for this month’s Family Literacy Night with only one parent in attendance was minimal, I believe it was one of the more fulfilling activities. Thanks to the variety of activities the library provided, every student could actively participate.

Some of our students had to be instructed about proper library etiquette. This suggested that Thursday’s activity might have been a first time experience for some students.

Having an activity outside of our usual meeting area, including a meal in the park, was refreshing and gave students a break from their school environment, which isn’t always pleasant or enriching for them. At the end of the visit, students were also provided with one free book of their choice to enhance their home libraries.

– Shantell Lee, Program Coordinator