Family Literacy Night with Snuffy Collectibles

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Snuffy 1Motivational speaker, storyteller, and founder of Snuffy Collectibles, Regine´ Ivory-Barlow facilitated Family Literacy Night on April 14. Family Literacy Night is an initiative of MCTEL designed to engage families and students enrolled at Success Preparatory Academy in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Ms. Barlow introduced families to the main character of her book, Snuffy, of the Snuffy Collectibles, Short Story Series. The series tells tales of “her lil’ ol’ country life in Texas” through the memory of her childhood.

Amazon Best Seller “Snuffy and the Bull: the Enemy Ain’t No Joke” was the book she chose to share with families. Students were engaged and asked whether her book would be considered a chapter book along with other questions about the book’s main characters.Snuffy 2

While “Snuffy and the Bull: the Enemy Ain’t No Joke” is lengthier than some of the other st ries that have been shared with families, everyone remained attentive. Their attentiveness was a reminder of growth as a whole. Although the book appealed more to older students rather than younger, everyone remained attentive and engaged. Regine´ Barlow’s interactions with families and facilitation were flawless.

At the end of Family Literacy Night, each family received a signed copy of “Snuffy and the Bull: the Enemy Ain’t No Joke.” A bright purple bag to carry the book was also included.


— Shantelle Lee, Program Coordinator