Maturing Champions of Treme ‘thru Extending Learning

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On Tuesday October 11, Maturing Champions in Treme′ thru Extended Learning (MCTEL) Afterschool Program will resume at Bienville Basin. This is year four of MCTEL, two of which were hosted at the neighborhood school, Success Preparatory Academy; the first year was held in the Iberville community prior to deconstruction and relocation of former residents.

Unlike previous years, programming will be provided for students from Success Preparatory Academy and those who live at Bienville Basin. Currently, 31 students in grades K through 6th have applied and our capacity is 30.

Participants will receive homework assistance, cultural and physical enrichment, and healthy snacks. The program is scheduled for Monday through Thursday from 3:30PM to 5:30PM with a staff of retired teachers, volunteers, and interns.

Several volunteers and interns are students at Joseph S. Clark High, a school within the CNI footprint and are participating as an extension of Enrichment, Excellence, and Encouragement (E-Camp). College preparation and career readiness skills students learned during the summer will enhance interactions with their younger counterparts.

We will also continue dual generation literacy initiative which occurred throughout the summer during Cool Scholars Extended Literacy with the return of Prime Time Family Reading Time (PTFRT). Youth ages 3 to 10 and their families will engage weekly with shared readings and reading comprehension activities lead by a community scholar and storyteller. Our goal is to bridge literacy gaps for our youth and their families through MCTEL and other youth programming


Written by Shantell Lee, Youth and School Engagement Coordinator