Prime Time Family Reading Time

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On Thursday, November 17th, we concluded our Fall semester of Prime Time Family Reading Time which is a grant founded program that is partially founded by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. It creates a space for families with youth ages 3-10 to have shared reading activities and discussions while also providing the family with an opportunity to share a meal together prior to the session. The sessions were facilitated by a story teller and a scholar who read children books to the families and facilitated discussions with participants during each session.

This semester, the 6 sessions were based on the books from the series “A More Perfect Union” which included the titles We the Kids: The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States, The Big Orange Splot, The Lorax, and several other books. The books were also coupled with themes such as Equality, Sustainability, and Voting. These topics allowed for adults and youth to have discussions about their beliefs, their view of society and to discuss shared experiences with one another. While participants ages 5 and over discussed the previously mentioned titles and topics those who were 4 and under were engaged by our Preschool Facilitator who read with the preschoolers and coupled their weekly readings with hands-on activities. The activities, discussions, and topics that were facilitated by the Prime Time staff enabled all of our participants’ family members to be engaged in reading literacy exercises that encouraged building home libraries and increasing their reading literacy levels. Our final session concluded with 32 youth and adults in attendance which was our largest number of participants this semester.

We hope to continue to provide Prime Time Family Reading Time in the Spring for an additional 6 weeks with a new set of quality children books and topics.

Written by Shantell Lee, Youth and School Engagement Coordinator