St. Louis chosen as finalist for FY16 Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant

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The City of St. Louis is 1 of 5 finalists out of 34 applicants to be selected by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to receive the Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant. If awarded, the grant will fund a community-driven strategic plan to revitalize the Near North Side neighborhood of St. Louis. Finalists were selected based on how well their plan addressed Choice Neighborhood’s three core goals to improve “Housing, People, and Neighborhood.”

nnschoicefootprintUrban Strategies is the team lead for the “people” component of the plan, which aims to increase inter-generational mobility by improving education and other services to support youth and their families. McCormack Baron Salazar leads the housing component of the plan, which aims to build high-quality, sustainable, mixed-income housing. The city of St. Louis leads the Neighborhood component, whose goal is to increase positive investments in the Near North Side area such as in good schools, public safety, transportation, and local business.

The team leads have worked to convene many local residents, stakeholders, and community leaders to engage in the planning process of the grant. This has helped to ensure that the plan is locally driven and leverages community strengths and assets. Meetings have fostered engagement and investment by local stakeholders such Universities, hospitals, business owners, school districts, and local government. The team is excited to welcome HUD for a site visit on Thursday, October 27th.

Written by Johannah Hansen