Students create proposals for the Alice Griffith Community Garden

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Students at Bret Harte are continuing to develop their proposals for the Alice Griffith Community Garden – focusing in on the fencing and the pathways on the site. They are working within the constraints articulated in the CMG site plan. Rendering the garden in 3-dimensions got the children excited, not only about architecture and design, but also about the fruits and vegetables that will be planted within.

The students have worked extraordinarily well—collaborating with each other and refining their ideas. Thanks Ms. Sitkin for creating such effective teams. D’Sjon and Prescott have been doing a terrific job of generating enthusiasm and developing youth-friendly elements that can be simply integrated into the CMG design.

We all look forward to a trip to the site, to share and to vet the ideas with community members and adult allies.

Thanks again everyone for your support and enthusiasm!
Shirl, Prescott and D’Sjon