Urban Strategies To Implement HANO Career Academy

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Comprehensive Career Academy To Provide Training And Job Placement for Disconnected Young Adults

HANO Academy Offers Full-Service Pathway To Career Success For New Orleans Residents HANO Academy Offers Full-Service Pathway To Career Success For New Orleans Residents

Urban Strategies has been engaged by the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) to implement the HANO Academy, a full-service training, placement and support program hub for young adults ages 18 to 30.  The HANO Academy intends to connect low-income residents of Orleans Parish to post-secondary and/or advanced training and employment opportunities.  The program targets young adults disconnected from work or school, and offers access to viable career pathways.

Services offered through the HANO Academy will include GED preparation and soft skills, work readiness, and occupational skills training over a fourteen week period for local residents.  The first course will focus on developing construction and building maintenance skills to prepare students for employment opportunities at local redevelopment sites. Hard skills training will be provided by the Home Builders Institute, a national leader in construction career development, through its Pre-Apprentice Certification Training program. Future courses will focus on a broader set of occupational skills. 

Urban Strategies will provide implementation and program oversight, and will coordinate wrap around support services that include intensive case management and assessment for each participant.  Ongoing support and GED preparation will continue for at least one year following each participant’s completion of the initial training course.  In addition, case management staff will assist students in identifying, securing and retaining employment while continuing with their education. Participants will receive stipends and transportation assistance during the initial fourteen-week core training program.

Funding for the academy was initially provided by HANO through Crescent Affordable Housing Corporation, the agency’s 501(c) 3 organization, to launch the program.  W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Center for the Study of Social Policy, Baptist Community Ministries and Chase Foundation have provided additional funding support for the academy.  With HANO and Urban Strategies, program partners include Home Builders Institute, Youth Empowerment Project, Partnership for Youth Development, Total Community Action, and Enterprise Community Partners.

The HANO Academy is now recruiting for its first class of 20 to 30 individuals.  Outreach and open enrollment for the inaugural class began on January 22, 2014 and program sessions are scheduled to begin on February 17.

To learn more about the program, eligibility criteria, and for a list of scheduled information sessions, contact Lesli K. Tregre at 504-894-6626.