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Unique database to analyze impact of broad-scale neighborhood and human capital redevelopment programs nationwide.

St. Louis, MO. June 30, 2014 – Urban Strategies, Inc. and Social Solutions Global, Inc. are proud to announce the launch of a new performance management system known as “Learning for Effective Action to Revitalize Neighborhoods (LEARN). Supported by Social Solutions’ Efforts to Outcomes (ETO®) software, LEARN is the only database of its kind that is designed to longitudinally track and analyze the impact of human capital programs that are implemented in conjunction with neighborhood revitalization and housing redevelopment efforts.

The platform supports the implementation of Urban Strategies’ framework for initiating and evaluating resident-driven and data-informed service strategies that support family stability and upward mobility.  LEARN features the use of Urban Strategies’ proprietary Family Risk Index (FRI) to determine and mitigate the risk of eviction, unemployment, incarceration, homelessness, household instability, physical or mental illness, and disconnection from school, job or caring adult (for children/youth). In addition, it will deploy a variety of case management tools to track the impact of housing, employment and wealth building, education, health and safety strategies that are part of neighborhood revitalization programs.

“We worked very closely with Social Solutions to ensure that LEARN reflects our core values of family strengthening, informed choice and self-determination,” says Uma Murugan, Vice President of Projects and Fund Development. “The system will help us to understand neighborhood conditions, and account for assets and needs related to human development – including access to economic opportunities and essential services such as schools, health clinics, banking, fresh food and transportation. LEARN will also help us fully understand the impact of interventions.”

Social Solutions, a leading provider of performance management software for human services organizations, designed LEARN to support Urban Strategies’ unique family and community service delivery model.  “As government agencies, service providers and funders strive to move the needle on generational poverty, leaders like Urban Strategies set the example high-performing, place-based initiatives must follow,” says Social Solutions CEO, Scott Johnson. “By embedding a performance management system in the core of its approach, Urban Strategies is not only positioning itself to demonstrate effectiveness and return on investment for the programming it supports, it’s providing valuable information to the rest of the field about what makes an intervention more or less effective, and more or less cost-effective.”

“Once the next phase of LEARN is launched, it will house an enormous volume of socio-economic and human service program data – close to 19,000 families living in HUD-assisted and mixed-income communities around the country – and growing,” says Esther Shin, Executive Vice President of Urban Strategies.  “LEARN will enhance our capacity to be structured as well as nimble as we work in rapidly changing neighborhoods.”

Urban Strategies is a national frontrunner in comprehensive human service coordination, and is a noted leader in place-based programs such as HOPE VI, Choice Neighborhoods, Promise Neighborhoods and the Byrne Criminal Justice Initiative. LEARN will inform these efforts and measure the collective impact of these efforts on people and place.

Urban Strategies Board Chairman Richard Baron further endorsed the implementation of the LEARN database for its ability to collect and generate evidence related to place-based programs.  “In the long run,” says Baron, “LEARN could provide valuable information to community development practitioners, national and local policy makers, and pave the way for future urban leaders to effectively integrate housing, family strengthening and community development activities using place-based approaches and dual-generation principles.”

LEARN will be fully implemented in at least 8 cities by January 2015.

About Urban Strategies

Urban Strategies is a St. Louis-based not-for-profit corporation that specializes in human capital development, planning, and strategy implementation as a part of comprehensive neighborhood revitalization. Urban Strategies is engaged in large neighborhood redevelopment initiatives in 15 communities in 7 major cities across the country, and leads in the coordination of collaborative efforts to transform public and private systems and support strong, self-sustaining people, families and communities. www.urbanstrategiesinc.org.

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