2015 Impact Report


Dear friends,

More than 26,000 individuals served in 28 communities, 12 cities, across 9 states, over the past 39 years—these are the numbers that define Urban Strategies’ impact across the country. However, we believe that it takes just one person to create powerful change.

We believe our communities are stronger thanks to the collective strength of empowerment for each individual resident. To demonstrate this impact, I’m pleased to present you with Urban Strategies’ 2015 Annual Impact Report: The Power of One.

The numbers in this report represent pivotal changes happening in distressed communities across the country, but it’s the successes of each individual resident where we see those changes in action.

We could not have done this without the assistance of generous funders, a committed board of directors, our dedicated employees, and collaborative partners.

Thank you SandraMoorefor helping us change communities,
one person at a time.
Sandra M. Moore
President, Urban Strategies


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Urban Strategies works in 28 neighborhoods across the country

Choice Neighborhood Implementation (CNI) Projects

Each of the residents featured in this report live in Choice Neighborhood Implementation (CNI) project areas. CNI is an initiative of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, created to help communities revitalize distressed public or assisted housing, while investing in people.

Urban Strategies was selected as the grant recipient to provide education, health, and workforce development services for nearly half of the CNI projects across the country, including two of the first projects ever to be implemented.

Columbus, Ohio
Memphis, Tennessee
New Orleans, Louisiana
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sacramento, California
San Antonio, Texas
San Francisco, California



It’s our philosophy that if we provide sustainable solutions and truly believe in the potential of each individual, our communities will be collectively stronger.






Jamishas-story Yomos-story Yvonnes-story Marys-story Sharons-story Kimberlys-story



Education Partnerships

Workforce Partnerships

Health Partnerships

Housing Stability Partnerships


Board of Directors

Richard Baron, Board Chair, Chairman & CEO, McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.
Paul Brophy, Principal, Brophy & Reilly LLC
Carl Lang, Attorney, Rosenblum, Goldenhersh, Silverstein & Zafft, P.C.
Karla McLucas, Associate Professor of Sociology, Bennett College for Women
Michael Sherraden, Professor, School of Social Work, Washington University at St. Louis
Carrie Van Syckel, Vice President, Urban Investment Group, Goldman Sachs
Hillary Zimmerman, Board Secretary, President, McCormack Baron Asset Management, Inc., General Counsel, McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.

Executive Leadership

Sandra M. Moore, President
Esther U. Shin, Executive Vice President
Brigid DeLoach, Director of Operations and Programs, Southern Region
Isaac Dozier, Director of Operations and Programs, Western Region
Alecia Leonard, Director of Resident Development and Training

Fiscal Year 2015


2015 Funders & Donors

Urban Strategies is supported by a range of public and private funding sources. These funds assist in the
planning and implementation of human services and social connections that support residents in 28 disadvantaged communities across the country. We gratefully acknowledge our 2015 funders and donors who helped us to advance our mission, and to empower possibility for children, families and communities.

2015 Funders & Donors


Click to download the entire PDF-Urban Strategies 2015 Impact Report: The Power of One (3.5MB)