Jamisha’s Story-Pittsburgh

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After losing a job, there is an inevitable sense of urgency to find work.

One still needs to pay bills and support his or her family. In the East Liberty/Larimer neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it can be even more daunting to overcome the rampant poverty and crime that afflicts

the neighborhood.

After years of working a series of odd jobs that would keep her employed for a year or less at a time, Jamisha Young found herself jobless again. She desperately looked for another job, but she kept getting turned down. She was finding it difficult to pay her rent and began to fall behind.


“It took months to find a job. I had interviews, but I still didn’t get hired.”

When she went in search of help, she found support from the unique partnership of Urban Strategies, Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, and PA CareerLink®—all Choice Neighborhood Initiative (CNI) service providers working as a team to provide supportive services to residents. Jamisha realized, though, there was still work to
be done.

It became quickly apparent that it was time to invest more energy now to find a long-term career opportunity.  With the help of the team, Jamisha quickly began improving her “soft” skills and practiced interviewing.  She polished up her resume, while searching for a job that would be a good fit for her interests and career goals.

“Rondeea [fromPA CareerLink®] pointed me in the right direction. Once she helped with my resume and  prepared me for interviews—that is what finally helped.”

After attending a handful of job fairs and lots of networking and searching together, Jamisha and Rondeea found an open position at Safelight Auto Glass. It was a perfect fit.

“Most of life is about paying bills and money, but you need a job that you want to go to every day. I work at Safelite now and I love it. We are like family there; it’s a second home.”

Jamisha reports that she is currently up-to-date on rent. She’s looking forward to moving back into the redevelopment and seeing positive changes in the community—thanks, in part, to the PA CareerLink® staff, Urban Strategies, and the Choice Neighborhood Initiative-Pittsburgh team’s support.



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