About Us

USI | Urban Strategies, Inc. is a national leader in its field, a not-for-profit organization that specializes in results informed human services development, planning, and strategy implementation as part of comprehensive neighborhood revitalization.

Founded in 1978, USI  has been involved in neighborhood transformation efforts in 24 cities and more than 40 neighborhoods across the nation with St. Louis as its base. USI serves more than 30,000 families, greater than 100,000 individuals and leverages north of $350 million in supportive service partnerships.

We believe in an equitable opportunity where all children and families are stable and thriving. All voices are acknowledged and promoted. All systems are positively aligned and equally contributing.

We believe families remain at the center of our usage of data to support our work and our expertise and assembly of professionals support our contributions as thought leaders.


Celebrating the transformative work occurring in South City Memphis while supporting all Children and Families to become Stable and Thriving!