Case Management

In order to create successful and thriving neighborhoods that include pathways to social and economic mobility for families, USI plans and coordinates a thoughtful network of supports that operate concurrently with community revitalization efforts. To ensure the seamless coordination of these supports, USI provides a seamless case management system to offer residents a single point of entry to a full continuum of resources, services, and programs.

Our comprehensive case management system increases the access that low- and moderate-income families have to the community resources that break down barriers to self-sufficiency and economic mobility. Driven by the conviction that community-based services must support the entire family unit, the model applies a two-generation approach that ensures able-bodied adults receive education and work support, that parents have adequate knowledge of child development and parenting skills, and that children are engaged in education, particularly in their early years. Through our case management approach, we link children and families to an array of self-sufficiency support programs, such as workforce education, public safety initiatives, mental and physical health resources, and resident leadership development.