LEARN = Learning for Effective Actions to Revitalize Neighborhoods

A team at Urban Strategies has developed a performance management system that amasses data that can be utilized to reduce the risks of eviction, unemployment, homelessness, incarceration, physical and mental illness and more.

This system, called LEARN, stands for Learning for Effective Actions to Revitalize Neighborhoods. It helps guide decisions and operations, builds a culture of learning and change and can improve outcomes for people and communities with regards to comprehensive neighborhood revitalization. This system was not only designed to collect data, but to obtain information that is necessary to provide high-quality services.

LEARN builds evidence of impact measures. The developmental assets framework measures the impact on family systems as risks to stability are mitigated. The results-based accountability framework governs the approach to service delivery. Together the two frameworks drive evidence-based practices.

To review the latest data, visit our National Dashboard to see real-time results across our communities.