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Community Reinvestment Act’s Shortcomings and the Judicial Plays

After affirmative action was ended in June 2023, will the Community Reinvestment Act be next? By: Celina Pena The Supreme Court’s decision on June...

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Uniting Change with Healthy Partnerships Through Community Engagement & Outreach

USI’s Columbus and Sacramento have used the power of networking to secure reliable partnerships to provide much-needed events throughout the community that residents can...

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Breaking Down Barriers with Families One Decision at a Time

People FirstUSI provides access to resources and support to help families push past barriers in their way. This Tidewater Gardens resident had to face...

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Let Us Not Forget Puerto Rico

Families across Puerto Rico are suffering major water, fuel, and food shortages due to the devastating impact of Hurricane Fiona. USI has made a...

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Solutions to Community Violence We Must Do Different

Solutions focused on reducing violence in communities are frequently influenced by implicit bias and focused on compliance and containment. With 2020 being the deadliest...

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