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Mentoring Young Men: How the USI Miami Team is Creating Pathways for Violence Prevention

In partnership with The Miami Foundation and Circle of Brotherhood, the USI Miami team works to build a healthy foundation for youth of color...

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A Path Towards Housing and Social Equity: The Need for Policy Transformation

There’s a need for policy transformation to be able to create thriving neighborhoods, which result from not only providing families with access to affordable...

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Race, Wealth, and Homeownership; The Time to Act is Long Overdue

Through two Black women’s stories of racial discrimination in Housing, USI makes a call of accountability to organizations to dismantle the historical racism that...

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How the Racial Wealth Gap Affects Black Owned Businesses, and the Intentional Steps USI is Taking to Close It

White business owners have over 9x more average annual sales than Black owned businesses in the nation. USI uses many intentional strategies to address...

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Creating Equitable Strategies to Increase Access to Childcare for Working Families

Affordable access to childcare disproportionately affects Black families, so USI has created strategies to support: a network of early learning providers, access to technology...

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