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Creating Equitable Outcomes for Baltimore Families One Resident at a Time

Using the Results Count Framework, our Family Support Specialists can look at the whole picture surrounding individual families’ to support them on their journey...

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Family Support is More Than Case Management: It’s About Trust

Despite one resident’s skepticism, a USI Baltimore’s Family Support Specialist, Zanika Hutchings, was able to create the relationship and trust needed to guide that...

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How One Baltimore Resident Climbed Out of The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Devastating Impact

When the world seemed to be crumbling down, the USI Baltimore team was able to help this one resident find their way to stable...

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Congratulating 2021 Miami Graduates

Here at USI, we congratulate all our 2021 graduates from both high school and college. Celebrate with these featured USI Miami graduates. As the...

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Fostering Resiliency Inside a Pandemic

With the support of USI, Ms. Gilford was able to complete her education, receive her state certification and spearhead her career change. After working...

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