‘Stop Six’ Cavile Place, Fort Worth

Stop Six remains the heartbeat of Fort Worth’s African American community and a cultural touchstone for thousands of families who have long since moved away. Restoring this historic community into a vibrant, sustainable neighborhood, as it was decades ago, is the driving intent of today’s Stop Six residents and stakeholders, and serves as the foundation of the Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan.

Fort Worth 2021 Year in Review

Site Report 2021

We’re thrilled to share this report which depicts the successes of the USI Fort Worth community through the stories of families, strategic partners, and progress.


About the Neighborhood

Economic Mobility
USI has helped to coordinate and Through strategic Family Support led by USI and in partnership with Economic Mobility partners our goal is for all former Cavile Place Households to be economically stable and self-sufficient.

Propelling Educational Success
USI will work with the local school system and other local partners to increase access to high quality learning programs and related services for children. This critical step will help

ensure that children enter school ready to learn by addressing early childhood issues that would otherwise be barriers.

Improving Health & Wellness
USI has connected with local healthcare providers and wellness agencies to support families by providing greater access to physical, mental, and emotional needs. Our overall goal is to improve all former Cavile Place residents health outcomes through prevention and wellness programming along a continuum of holistic health supports.

The Impact

percent of working-age adults are employed

percent of former Cavile Place residents have been seen by a primary care provider

percent of High School Senior are on track to graduate in 2021

families actively participating in USI’s Family Support services

Understand how we’ve impacted the Cavile Place neighborhood since we were first introduced by checking out our dashboard.

A Year of Empowerment and Engagement

When Urban Strategies, Inc. (USI) hired and onboarded its local team in July 2020, all 236 of the former Cavile Place households had already been relocated across Tarrant County. The USI team immediately understood the importance of engaging our families with completing the initial intake and assessment process; however, we faced barriers due to COVID-19. Our team was creative with navigating the safety concerns of our residents and gaining the trust of the families that we serve.

Our engagement strategy was a multiple-layer approach which included team-building with staff, collaborating with community partners, and building rapport with former Cavile Place residents. During our initial engagement process with partners, USI hosted three strategy development Action Team meetings that focused on the areas of Economic Mobility, Education, and Health and Wellness. During these sessions we discussed 1.) Residents need assessment, 2.) Factor Analysis that impacts households, and 3.) Long term strategy implementation and sustainability. USI has successfully incorporated the established strategies into our daily case management processes and will continue to modify techniques as needed.