The USI: Policy & Influence (P&I) sector seeks to address the root causes that impact Black and Brown families from becoming stable and thriving, then utilize the following strategies to assist communities seeking economic generational justice through equitable changes in policy, and practice. These strategies are a core component of our CDFI.

Our goal is to propel entrepreneurs to prosperity and economic liberation through the creation of middle-income and wealth-generating jobs and thriving businesses.

The loan fund provides equitable and accessible capital to Women and Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (W/MBEs) and local firms for contracting and development opportunities.

The USI CDFI fund seeks to dismantle persistent barriers to social mobility and closing the wealth inequity gap.

We intend to provide much-needed capital and financial services to Black, Brown, and Indigenous families residing in community revitalization areas. The USI CDFI provides small business loans at favorable terms for both new and growing W/MBE and locally owned businesses involved in the community revitalization process.

This creates a pipeline to affordable credit and capital, enabling our clients to participate in the revitalization of their communities as business owners, entrepreneurs, and agents of change.

Generational Wealth

A major aspect of our CDFI is to close the Black/Brown wealth gap by 40-45 years.

Economic Access

We seek to build a pipeline of $2 Billion in funds to go towards revitalization projects.

Women and Minority-Owned Business Enterprises

Our CDFI supports minority-owned and women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs focused on revitalization in resilient Black and Brown communities.

USI’s Economic Mobility Pathway to Racial Equity

USI seeks to alleviate economic insecurity and racial wealth inequity using a restorative healing-centered framework to help all our families become Stable and Thriving.

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