Cleveland Avenue Homes, Winston-Salem

The North East Winston Choice Neighborhood (“Cleveland Avenue Homes-CAH”) in Winston-Salem presents a rare opportunity to reconnect a community that was artificially divided through urban renewal programs, highway building, and systemic racism and economic segregation. CAH is uniquely positioned to show how these interventions of the past can be overcome through a thoughtful approach to partnership building, strategic investments, and physical transformation.

The Housing Authority of Winston-Salem (HAWS) and the City of Winston-Salem (CWS) were awarded a $30 million grant to fund the implementation of the Transformation Plan that is designed to meet CNI objectives and achieve Choice goals for the neighborhood, housing, and people in Winston-Salem’s CAH community. The neighborhood strategy will achieve four (4) community-identified goals – increasing access to services, economic opportunity, quality housing, and connectivity. The CWS and HAWS partnered with Urban Strategies, Inc (USI) to serve as the People Lead.

USI provides effective and high-quality mobility services and human capital investment to approximately 244 families from the CAH Public Housing development in Winston-Salem, NC.

Cleveland Avenue Homes, Winston-Salem

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About the Neighborhood

Educational Passport:
USI – CAH will work with our Principal Education Partner, the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School system and other local partners to increase access to high quality early learning programs and related services so that children: 1) enter kindergarten ready to learn, 2) are proficient in core academic subjects (reading and math); and 3) graduate from high school college and career ready. This will ensure that families/parents/guardians have the information and connections needed to

increase educational outcomes for children and youth and to ensure a smooth transition during housing transition.

Improving Health and Wellness:
USI – CAH will work with local providers to improve the health of target residents by delivering comprehensive family centered support. Through personalized case management combined with integrated and quality health care; USI plans to improve access to health and behavioral health care services.

The Impact

percent of employed residents are working full time.

percent of residents have health insurance

percent of youth are
engaged in early
learning programs

percent of families actively participating in USI’s Family Support services

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