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Welcome to EF Elementary Community reading time with Tahira Taqi from Urban Strategies

Posted by Eugene Field Elementary School on Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Under both HOPE VI and CNI federal funding programs, we have been the lead partner selected to work directly with residents to help them become stable and thriving. Via HOPE VI, this was done by focusing on school improvements. Under CNI, this has been done by providing case management, coaching, and service coordination to support positive health, safety, employment, mobility, and education outcomes for residents in the target distressed development(s) and the surrounding neighborhood. Serving in this role is called the PEOPLE Lead under CNI and currently, we are leading on nine of HUD’s CNI grants in different cities across the country.

Through this work, USI’s focus on education has always been a big component of our work to accelerate families out of poverty. To this end, we work with youth and adults providing “two-generation” support to parents and their children. For the children, we intentionally connect them with strong education options while providing ongoing holistic family support and accountability agreements. As an intermediary, we help schools tackle the academic achievement gap, by helping our children to not only become stronger in academics but also become socially and emotionally solid as well. Our work undergirds the following primary result areas: Kindergarten Readiness, Children Proficient in Reading and Math; College and Career Ready.

We believe that improving schools is central to our “Cradle to Career” pipeline with every reemerging community to establish and maintain mixed-income communities and to support social, economic and racial integration. In partnership with schools and school districts around the country, we have led on improvements in physical infrastructure, governance, curriculum, technology and community engagement in neighborhood schools and support academic achievement as a tool for ensuring positive economic mobility.

To learn more about our Education Framework, we have crafted our Monograph that specifically details our intended results, process and identified lessons learned throughout our 40 years in this work. To request a copy of the Education Monograph, click here.

In Case You Missed It:

In partnership with Urban Strategies, Inc., UCDavis’ SAYS launched a Warrior Scholar Academy focused on building a community, college connections, and a critical consciousness. This weeklong camp was full of new ideas and beautiful memories. The program focused on course plans for high school and analyzed the history of redlining in Sacramento–with a focus on Oak Park and Del Paso Heights—and then went to go see The Last Black Man in San Francisco.

Elevating Results Together – USI’s National Education Convening

In 2018, USI hosted our inaugural Education Convening in Oakland/San Francisco to better connect and engage our national education partners on the Results Count work occurring at USI sites around the country, this is our synopsis from this event. To view the entire Capture, click here!