Foote Homes, Memphis

Since the 1940’s, the South City neighborhood has experienced a rapid decline in stability for residents as a result of a dramatic concentration of poverty over time. In particular, the Foote Homes housing development has become associated with high poverty, crime, and lack of opportunity.

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Two Foote Homes residents, Bridgette Love and Yolanda Robinson, were chosen to speak at the 2021 Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis. This video highlights the speeches they both made.

Memphis Year Four

Site Report 2020

We’re thrilled to share this impact report which depicts the successes of the USI Memphis community through the stories of families, strategic partners, and progress.


About the Neighborhood

Economic Mobility
USI has helped to coordinate and facilitate a number of community events for Foote Homes residents, including the Foote Homes All Zones Residents Meeting, and a Career, Education, and Job Fair. As of 2020, there has been a $19,000 increase in Foote Homes resident incomes.

Propelling Educational Success
Of the 205 of the Foote Homes School-aged youth enrolled in school during the 2019-2020 academic year, 91% completed the school year. This number is reflective of those who chose to stay in the 38126 area as well as those who relocated. There were 0% dropouts and 88% earned their high school diplomas.
Despite the challenges that relocation presents, the school-aged youth stayed committed consequently, the daily attendance remains on average at 93%. We are proud of the discipline and dedication our youth are exhibiting.

Improving Health & Wellness
As of March 2021, 261 residents have received their 1st dose of Covid Vaccine.

Enrolling Families in Family Support
In Year 4 of the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Implementation Grant, USI had 361 families from the South City neighborhood actively participating in Family Support. Families have begun returning to South City’s former Foote Homes. As of March 2021, 40 families have returned to South City and the former Foote Homes. Developers have just begun construction on Phase III.

Fostering Strategic Partnerships
Collaborating closely with local service providers and using data to drive towards results is key to the success of every Choice effort. In Memphis, USI has forged partnerships with 16 distinct organizations and has completed surveys on healthy living, safety, transit, and civic participation with 361 families of South City.

The Impact

total household earned income

percent of residents connected to a primary care physician

individual scholars enrolled in early learning or after school enrichment programs

families actively participating in USI’s Family Support services

Understand how we’ve impacted the Foote Homes neighborhood since we were first introduced by checking out our dashboard.

Featured Story

Preparing for College
When Fakeria became a senior at Soulsville Charter High School, she needed assistance in applying to colleges of her choice and receiving resources on financial aid.

With the help of the USI Memphis Education Specialist, Fakeria established goals and began to understand the importance of deadlines. This ensured she submitted her applications on time. This is also when Fakeria began prepping for her ACT.

Fakeria followed the application process which resulted in submitting 5 college applications. Fakeria was accepted to Jackson State University, University of Tennessee Martin, Christian Brothers University, University of Memphis, and Southwest Tennessee Community College. The University of Tennessee Martin is her priority

“The reason I applied to so many schools was the fear of not getting into one. The fear resulted in me actually pushing myself to apply to several more.”
– Fakeria Carter, high school scholar

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