Perkins Homes, Baltimore

Perkins-Somerset-Oldtown is a neighborhood just east of downtown Baltimore that is experiencing gentrification, faces health and education challenges, and has a desperate need for a sustainable local economy that supports all residents. USI is leading the effort to help craft a new vision for the Perkins homes and the surrounding community.

Perkins Homes, Baltimore

Annual Report 2021

This past year, we have assisted families in getting connected to holiday meals and presents, provided virtual mentoring, one-on-one health supportive services, in home learning kits, and coordination to job and other supportive services.

About the Neighborhood

Propelling Educational Success
USI has seen the number and percentage of school-age youth connecting to early learning programs increase to 52%, close to our grant goal of 95%.

Improving Health and Wellness
USI has established partnerships in Baltimore to expand options for healthcare services and improve residents’ access to healthy foods, mental health supports, and recreational facilities. USI has increased participation in Primary Care participation from 48% to 94%, which is helping families to lead healthier lives.

Moving Families to Economic Self-

USI partners with local job training and workforce development providers in an effort

to address the employment barriers Perkins residents have identified and to increase earned income and labor force participation. These strategies get results. For example, coordinated case management and collaboration with partners through Choice has led to a 20% increase in the number of able-bodied residents 18-65 years old who have secured full-time employment since January 2019.

Enrolling Families in Case Management
In Year 1 of the Choice Neighborhoods implementation grant, USI enrolled 1,033 individuals from the Perkins neighborhood in case management to connect families to the most needed and promising programs in education, health & wellness, and economic mobility needed to become stable and thriving.

The Impact

total household earned income

percent of residents connected to a primary care physician

individual scholars enrolled in early learning or after school enrichment programs

families actively participating in USI’s Family Support services

Understand how we’ve impacted the Perkins Homes neighborhood since we were first introduced by checking out our dashboard.

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Perkins Homes GroundbreakingWatch the live stream of the groundbreaking with Governor Hogan:

10 AM1401 E Pratt Street