Race, Wealth, and Homeownership Panel

How can we develop better strategies to support communities in their quest for homeownership amidst racial and economic barriers? In this virtual panel, four panelists discuss barriers, strategies, and experiences around race, wealth, and homeownership.

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Race, Wealth, and Homeownership; The Time to Act is Long Overdue

Historic low mortgage interest rates in 2020 opened the door to a slew of refinancing options for homeowners.  However, there are documented differences across racial groups in who was welcomed through that opened door and who, instead, had that door slammed in their face. Clearly, the “American Dream” is not a monolithic experience available to all.  As Sherrie and Evelyn’s experiences illustrate, for Black families who own homes in Black neighborhoods while hard work, achievement, and personal choices might get your foot in the door to refinance, it can still be slammed shut – and locked…

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