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About the Neighborhood

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The Impact

percent of families reaching economic self-sufficiency

residents with access to affordable health care

percent graduation rate for local public schools

of residents actively participating in Family Support.

Understand how we’ve impacted the Neighborhood since we were first introduced by checking out our dashboard.

We’re here to help!

This form is used for sites like the 2GEN site in Memphis where residents need to register for assistance. Any form can go here as well, like event RSVPs, newsletter subscription forms, etc.

Local Events

Join us for local celebrations, town hall meetings, press events and more!

COVID-19 Vaccination EventHealthcare Partners are offering a free vaccination clinic for residents of Neighborhood
All DayCVS on the corner of Main and Avenue
Juneteenth CelebrationJoin us as we celebrate Freedom Day!
2 – 5pm2456 Washington Ave.