National Leaders

To support ALL children and families becoming stable and thriving, a team of dedicated, educated professionals is needed to help move the needle forward in the lives of the families from Sacramento, California to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; in communities from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Miami, Florida; and every inspiring neighborhood in between.


– Alexander Stephens | Operations Director
– Rodney Flakes | Project Manager of Sacramento

Corporate Office

– Reinhard Baumgaertel | LEARN and Data Project Manager
– Zoe Rutherford | LEARN and Data Project Manager
– Kameke Payne | LEARN and Data Project Manager
– Kenya Merrell | LEARN and Data Project Manager
– Deborah Bryson | Human Resources Director
– Ebonie Reed, ESQ. | Vice President of Compliance and Legal
– Brendan Shurilla | IT Director
– Rachel Webb | Comptroller
– Erika N. Wilson | Vice President of Marketing and Communications
– Julian Wyatt | CDFI Loan Fund Manager
– Kirk Proctor Jr | Project Manager


– Rachel Walker | Regional Vice President
– Vivian Watkins | Project Manager of Fort Myers


– Timetria Murphy-Watson | Senior Director
– Andriea Pleas | Associate Project Manager of East St. Louis


– Ta’Londa Holland | Senior Director


– LaTracey Mason | Project Manager of New Orleans


– Subira Brown | Project Manager of Baltimore
– Anita Donaldson | Assistant Project Manager of Baltimore
– Brooke Epstein | Assistant Project Manager


– Elana Dahlberg | Operations Director, Minneapolis
– Melanie Heckt | Project Manager of Minneapolis


– Timetria Murphy-Watson | Senior Director
– Marlene Hodges | Assistant Project Manager of St. Louis
– Syerra Meadows-Haynes | Assistant Project Manager of St. Louis

North Carolina

– Tonya Atkins | Operations Director, Winston-Salem


– Tifani Kendrick | Family Support Specialist of Columbus


– Haley Buzzard-Hamilton | Senior Project Manager of Tulsa


– Grace Taylor | Project Manager
– Roshia Furnace | Community Liaison of Pittsburgh
– Tamika Hicks-Henderson | Family Support Specialist of Pittsburgh

Policy and Influence

– Ta’Londa Holland | Senior Director of Operations for Policy and Influence
– Lawren Dolland | Project Manager of Policy and Influence
– Shaecole Leonard | Assistant Project Manager for Policy and Influence
– Bryant Zwayer | Senior Data Analyst
– Cheryl Hill | PERC Project Manager
– Juleian Curtis | PERC Senior Project Manager
– Rashaan Cargile-Gregory | PERC Assistant Project Manager
– Ebony Moore | PERC Assistant Project Manager

Puerto Rico

– Elizabeth Arevalo | Project Manager of the Puerto Rico Region
– Natalie Riveria Negron | Community Liaison of San Juan
– Iliali Rivera Lugo | Community Liaison of San Juan


– Eva Mosby | Regional Vice President
– Lorelei Davis | Family Support Manager of Memphis


– Dr. David Fuller | Senior Project Manager of Galveston
– Elizabeth Arevalo | Project Manager of San Antonio
– LaTonya Copeland-Berry | Senior Project Manager of Ft. Worth

U.S. Virgin Islands

– Rachel Walker | Regional Vice President
– Juliseea Thomas | Community Liason of St. Croix


– Tyishua McCoy | Senior Project Manager of Newport News
– Nicole Brown | Senior Director, Norfolk
– Alton Howard | Assistant Project Manager of Norfolk
– Thomasine Norfleet | Assistant Project Manager of Norfolk

Our leaders believe in an equitable opportunity where all children and families are stable and thriving. As a staff member of USI, you directly contribute to the pursuit of all families becoming stable and thriving.