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What is Social Equity? And why it is the foundation for all families to be stable and thriving.

Right now, families across the United States are struggling with the ability to access healthy food, pay their utility bills, continue their education, afford...

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Making Spirits Bright in 2020

A Recap on How USI Brought Holiday Cheer to our Families this Year! While 2020 was challenging and stressful, it did demonstrate the resiliency...

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Partnering Through Crisis

Understand how USI is continuing to serve families throughout the COVID-19 crisis. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, USI launched our COVID-19 Action Plan to...

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Story of Home

Listen to Galveston, TX. resident, Ms. A recount her story of rising through education despite the adversity she faced in her hometown of Chicago....

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A reminder that social workers/mental health professionals carry the weight of others and should remember their self-care. The once sturdy cement walls have crumbled...

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