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From Resident Leader to Neighborhood Family Support

Through the relocation process in the Norfolk neighborhood, Tidewater Gardens, Ms. White was able to become a true voice for the community she loved....

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Helping One Norfolk Resident Find Community

A Norfolk resident, Ms. Hagans, finds the perfect neighborhood to raise her grandson, Ray. Barbara Hagans has been living in the Tidewater Gardens neighborhood...

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Celebrating the Successes of Families During a Global Pandemic

Perkins Homes resident, Ms. McCain found success despite all the challenges she faced in 2020 The impact of the pandemic has been major on...

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There is a Guardian Angel in Heritage Park

Angel M. is finding ways to reduce food insecurity in her Minneapolis neighborhood With the COVID-19 causing major changes to our families across the...

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What is Social Equity? And why it is the foundation for all families to be stable and thriving.

Right now, families across the United States are struggling with the ability to access healthy food, pay their utility bills, continue their education, afford...

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