5th District Community Outreach

May 18th 11am-2pm 5th District Community Outreach event Barrett Brothers Park 2901 Goodfellow   Contact Yolonda Yancie, Community Services Liaison

Ferguson Family Farming Tour

SEFCA Board members, Youth Fellows, and actively engaged Association members will have an “experiential learning” opportunity to either experience a day in the life...

Southeast Ferguson Community Association Meeting

Youth Fellows will present and conduct the meeting as “leadership engagement” at the Empowerment Center

Celebrating Mothers Resident Mtg

May 8th 5pm-6:30pm Celebrating Mothers Resident Mtg Sponsored by USI CSL, MBM Property Management, and NSRL Resident Leadership

Its All About the Ballot: The Local Election

Join SEFCA as they breakdown the names and ballot measures on the upcoming ballot.

REGISTER HERE: www.communitiesofchoice.com