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2017 Impact Report: An Empowered Community: A World of Results

Learn about the lessons we’ve learned during the closing out of our first set of Choice Neighborhood Initiative grants in New Orleans and San Francisco along with the opportunities awaiting with our latest Choice Neighborhood Initiative grant in St. Louis. We also look at the progress being made in Ferguson. To read more, click here to view the full report.

Wheatley Courts: From Relocation to Revitalization

Learn how we partnered with the families of Wheatley Courts in San Antonio, Texas to assist as they moved their households and community to STABLE and THRIVING; details are provided in the Wheatley Choice Report report.



2016 Impact Report: Tough Topics. Bold Change.

Learn about the work we are doing across the country in our 2016 Impact Report: Tough Topics. Bold Change.



Our communities are comprised of safe, high-quality, affordable housing flanked by core community assets that enable social integration, upward mobility and self-sufficiency for residents.


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Building Strong Families
and Communities

  • More than 35 years success in engaging, revitalizing, and empowering families and communities nationwide
  • Human capital planning and development in 10 major cities
  • Connected to over 10,000 units of housing, and more than 19,000 families supported
  • Planning and implementation for more than 10 HOPE VI communities and 3 Choice Neighborhoods