Who We Are

USI is a national nonprofit with extensive experience in the design and implementation of place-based human capital development strategies in communities that are undergoing comprehensive physical revitalization. We work with Public Housing Authorities, city government officials, institutions, foundations, developers, property managers, community members and other stakeholders to build comprehensive plans around neighborhood conditions and human service needs.

Founded in 1978, USI is a leader in the field of community development, supporting more than 30,000 low- to moderate-income families, approximately 100,000 individuals, in 38 communities in 22 major metropolitan areas, with St. Louis, MO as its base. USI supports communities, develop economic opportunities, cradle-to-college/career success, access to high quality health services, and a range of comprehensives human service supports while concurrently working with developers to create new physical facilities and amenities that complement human service systems and improve the capacity of existing community systems.

We believe in an equitable opportunity where all children and families are stable and thriving. All voices are acknowledged and promoted. All systems are positively aligned and equally contributing.

We believe families remain at the center of our usage of data to support our work and our expertise and assembly of professionals support our contributions as thought leaders.