Celebrating the Impact USI had in Communities in 2020

June 21, 2021

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It’s been six months since we’ve published our impact in our annual reports. Take a look at the measurable change USI has had on communities in 2020.

Here at USI, we believe in producing a measurable change in our partner families’ lives. This change can be seen in our annual national impact reports we publish, detailing how we’ve affected our 38 communities across the nation in terms of our five core pillars: Family Support, Economic Mobility, Education, Health & Wellness, and Policy & Influence.

Every year, we publish our National Impact Report, along with various community-focused reports. To highlight our efforts in 2020, we’ve released the National Impact Report, the Baltimore Report, the Louisville Report, and the Memphis Report back in January. Reviewing these reports six months since their publication allows us to reflect on our goals and continue pursuing the result that all families are stable and thriving in our communities and across the nation.

Impact Report: Aligned Stability During Divided Times

This report details the different ways our communities across the 21 cities we serve have succeeded around one or multiple pillars. 2020 was a year of resilience for our families as they withstood social unrest, a tense election year, wildfires on the west coast, and of course, all the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Despite all of this, our families made it through and even achieved personal goals like homeownership and gains in educational support and economic mobility.


The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of the stress and daily struggles our families face to be made public. The idea of a pandemic is nothing new to the communities we serve because many Black and Brown communities have been living in a pandemic for generations – whether that pandemic is concentrated poverty, the lack of sustainable educational opportunities, limited access to quality healthcare options, or economic mobility disparities.

USI shifted how we developed and delivered equitable policies that impacted our most resilient families. To do this, we strive to learn from our partner families to support policies that will help them meet their basic needs. We also want to express our gratitude to the 725+ partners that helped us support families in 2020.

“Though the obstacles are great, it is the USI mission and obligation to continue with our important equity work to ensure that families are stable and thriving.”

–Esther Shin, USI President via the President’s Letter in the 2020 Impact Report

Community Reports: Lifting Up Success in Communities

USI believes in using data to drive the results that we see in our communities. By establishing community-focused results, we can take a deep dive into how our families are creating a pipeline for stability and thriving across the United States.

To highlight the good that occurred in 2020, USI published reports celebrating Baltimore’s PSO, Louisville Beecher Terrace, and ‘South City’ Memphis successes.

You can access those reports here:

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