Creating Equitable Outcomes for Baltimore Families One Resident at a Time

August 23, 2021

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Using the Results Count Framework, our Family Support Specialists can look at the whole picture surrounding individual families’ to support them on their journey to Stable and Thriving!

Creating a stable and thriving life for residents in our USI Baltimore community requires a holistic approach. Take Anita Donaldson in Baltimore, the USI Family Support Specialist who works with our residents across our programming pillars—Economic Mobility, Health and Wellness, Education, and Housing Stability—to ensure equitable outcomes for our families holistically.

Taking a Big Picture Approach to Family Support

Anita first met this Perkins family due to their need for rental assistance. The Head of Household came to Anita because they were behind on their rent and hoped for help returning to good standing with the housing authority.

While Anita was able to quickly bring them to good standing through her assistance and partnership with the housing authority, she also took a comprehensive look at why the family fell behind on rent in the first place. It turned out that the adult daughter, Calissia, who usually supported the family with her additional income, was currently unemployed.

Economic Mobility Leads to Housing Stability

Right away, Anita began working with Calissia to get her employed. Burnt out and unenthusiastic to job hunt, Calissia shared her dissatisfaction with the manufacturing industry that she had just left because of its labor-intensive requirements and her health concerns. Anita took Calissia’s concerns seriously and instead helped Calissia pivot to a new industry by utilizing her whole skillset to craft a fresh, marketable resume.

Shortly after, Calissia accepted a new job at the local Canopy Hotel, receiving competitive pay and full benefits.

“In my role, I always look to meet residents where they are and discuss where they desire to go. Starting over or restructuring new development goals may also be necessary to achieve your overall goal.  I tell the families I serve: as long as you stay consistent, focused, and committed, any goal is possible.”—Anita Donaldson, USI Baltimore Family Support Specialist III.

Stably Housed Now and in the Future

By looking at Calissia’s life and needs holistically across four programming pillars—Economic Mobility, Health and Wellness, Education, and Housing Stability—Anita was able to see the barriers Calissia and her family were facing to develop a structure for them to become current on rent, now and in the future.

“Assisting Calissia and her family with overcoming challenges with employment and rent has further built trust between USI and this family. It’s this trust that allows us at USI Baltimore to produce equitable outcomes for all Perkins Homes residents across our programming pillars. Continuously working on empowering families to become more self-sufficient will only create a more thriving community.” —Anita Donaldson, USI Baltimore Family Support Specialist III.


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