Opportunity and Enrichment, Galveston

The Galveston Revitalization program located at the Cedars at Carver Park and the Villas on the Strand have created a vibrant and re-energized mixed-income housing community with services, programs, and amenities that empower the families that live there and provide opportunities for current residents to improve the quality of life for their families.

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About the Neighborhood

Growing Employment and Incomes
USI is committed to supporting families who are ready to return to work and those who have indicated they are not ready to return. USI continues to engage our employer and adult education partners to ensure our families have access to employment that leads to careers and programs that increase educational obtainments.

Propelling Educational Success
To help reduce the widening of the digital divide and opportunity gap, USI will ensure youth and their families are provided with resources to move them towards a path of thriving. Educationally, this means that youth have access to an operable computer, reliable internet access, and digital literacy skills. In addition, it means ensuring that youth and their families have access to the most current school information and connections to education providers to supplement learning.

Improving Health & Wellness
USI will support the health and wellness needs of our families by ensuring they have access to resources that help manage chronic health conditions, reduce stress, and enhance mental stability. In addition, USI will provide families with preventative health information and programming that promote and encourage families to live healthier lifestyles.

Enrolling Families in Case Management
Despite experiencing a global pandemic caused by COVID-19, USI continues to focus on our Pillars of Service. Although COVID-19 created some unforeseen challenges and shifted some priorities, USI staff stays committed to ensuring the needs of families were met. Our approach to identifying needs in real-time creates an opportunity for USI to individually tailor interventions to improve outcomes for families with the goal of moving them from stable to thriving. In addition, USI will engage key stakeholders to align contributions and participate in strategic planning for sustainability.

The Impact

percent of residents are employed

percent of residents have health insurance

individual scholars enrolled in early learning or after school enrichment programs

families actively participating in USI’s Family Support services

Understand how we’ve impacted Galveston families since we were first introduced by checking out our dashboard.

Featured Story

Happy Holidays for Scholars
With the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic in full force, families living in Cedars at Carver Park were faced with a hard holiday season. So, the USI Galveston team got to work to deliver the best holiday for the community’s scholars.

With the partnership with Greater Dream, USI Galveston hosted a Christmas event called “Dear Santa.“ This event allowed children in the community to write a letter to Santa with their likes, wants and most importantly needs.

This letter was shared back to Greater Dream and USI in order to provide our youth with the majority of the toys and items for which they asked. A jolly Santa then traveled to each home and delivered the gifts the youth requested in their letter. Through our Dear Santa event, 29 youth participated and received gifts from Santa.

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